Digital Discipleship: Transforming Ministry Through Technology

Lent Challenges

Credit: Dominican Nuns of Summit, NJ

Credit: Dominican Nuns of Summit, NJ

Lent is that wonderful season where we do penance!  And what we do as penance will be different for each person.

Those who are immersed in “technology” on a daily basis may decide to retreat from their devices for a period of time as a penance. That’s reasonable!

However, I would encourage all who have digital devices, to determine how they could use their tool to enhance their understanding of Lent  and to be a Digital Disciple.

Here are a couple of suggestions:

  • VIDEOS – Once a week or once a day, view a video around a Lent theme.  If you join Digital Catechesis ( – It’s FREE! – You can search the video library to locate videos that others have found inspirational for the Lent Liturgical Season.

An example of a video in this library is A Lenten Meditation.  Take a moment to view it and savor the message.

  • If you discover additional videos that are not included in this video library as you search the You Tube videos, come and ADD them to the Digital Catechesis video library.
  • After you have viewed a video, determine who and how you would like to share it with. If you have a Facebook page, share the link with a short message from you with your FB friends.
  • If you have a Twitter account, prepare a 140 character message, including the video link in a format that will share this video with your Twitter followers.
  • USCCB Website – At this website you will locate a “Printable Calendar for Lent.” A daily message is here with references to other sites for additional reflection materials.  You can easily find the daily Lent readings here.  Looking for resources about Lent, just go to the “search” field and type in “Lent.” You will discover some wonderful LENT resources here.

I’m sure there are other ways we can be Digital Disciples with one another during this Lenten Season.  I’d love to hear how you will use technology to be part of enhancing the Lent experience of your family and friends. I invite you to share your experiences by commenting on this blog post.

© Cerveny, SSJ-TOSF

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Comments on: "Lent Challenges" (8)

  1. Hi, Caroline.

    We work with Mathew Kelly who sends out daily lenten meditations to those who wish to receive.

  2. Monique Jacobs said:

    Hello Caroline, I love to get your posts. Thank you for your insights and quality recommendations. We have something new and exciting happening in the Diocese of Reno! We have a new Digital Media Center for our people which acts as a resource library, podcast central, webinar launching pad…a large variety of topics and offerings in digital form so that wherever our people are (our diocese stretches for 70,000 square miles) they can access quality formation and evangelization tools, enriching video sessions, supplemental sacramental formation, and eventually, catechist formation and “flipping the classroom,” as well. Some of our content is subscription based and may come with a small download fee, other items of content are locally produced and are free. Come and see!!! I would love to get your feedback.

    • Monique, it is so good to see your diocese involved with creating a Digital Media Center. The question now becomes, how creative will your diocese be in encouraging your pastors, deacons, parish religious educators, principals, teachers, catechists and more in using this wonderful resource? How will you measure your success? Right now looking at the number of views per video, I see that you have a long way to go for success. The big question now is – how will those who now know about this wonderful resource use it? How are you training them to use this resource in their ministry?

      Flipping the classroom takes more than just supplying the videos, it takes a catechist (and parish director) who understand what it means to flip a classroom and who will engage their students in activities that are exciting and interesting!

      There is more training to be done!

      • Monique Jacobs said:

        Absolutely – “Flipping the classroom” has been a long-time dream of mine, so many traditional methods of catechesis fall short of engaging the learner in lasting and life-changing ways: this option offers a fresh new possibility for those who are willing and able. Training is on the way with our catechists and parish directors as we speak. This Digital Media Center will become much more than a visual version of our diocesan library…it has to be more or it will serve no new purpose. There is much work to be done – it has taken almost an entire school year to work out the details and solidify subscriptions for programming content. We are eager and hopeful.

        We are also developing a partnering APP that is almost finished to hopefully fill in the gaps for our people on the move. As a mission diocese we do what we can with limited staff and funding. The official launch of the DMC has not even taken place yet and promotion has been done in very small ways to a very few parish leaders. Our people are beginning to look for us online. We are growing in our efficacy of the use of social media – our blog and Facebook pages engage our people pretty successfully though we realize the need for growth and improvement.

        Anyone involved in ministry is well aware of the challenges of having people shift their traditional methods of interaction – you have to sell them on the benefits. Good PR cannot be substituted and the in-person training sessions that are in the works will be exciting and fun.
        I celebrate this new approach and support all creative efforts made by individuals in our search for connection with our people. God is good!

        Thanks for your encouragement and good thoughts.

  3. Jodi Stauffer said:

    here’s one I’m going to attempt this year :

    Lenten photo a day !!!

  4. […] some other suggestions  in her post The Challenges of Lent  she concludes “I’m sure there are other ways we can be Digital Disciples with one another […]

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