Digital Discipleship: Transforming Ministry Through Technology

I just want to share this video with you about E-books!

I love my Kindle!  It’s great to take a number of books with me on the road – one light weight piece of equipment with 20 or more books on it. Even better, when I research a specific term or topic in a book I am able to find all references in 10 seconds or less. It sure beats thumbing through pages to find what I’m looking for.

As I watched this TED video, I wondered, wow what would a Religion Textbook look like?  Would it be as exciting or as interesting as this prototype? What’s your take on the E-book?  Are you ready for it?  Are our students ready for it?  What will a Religion E-book look like?  What do you imagine?

Would love to hear from you! Come and share your thoughts!

Copyright ©2011 Caroline Cerveny

Comments on: "E-books: Are They Around the Corner?" (7)

  1. Robert Shields said:

    Dear Caroline,

    At St. Pius High School in Albuquerque, New Mexico, we are adopting St. Mary’s Press theology series for our freshmen and sophomores this Fall. We will have a classroom set, and students will have access to an online copy of the text and a number of other online resources. I don’t believe the texts will be as interactive as this demonstration, but we’re heading that direction.

    You may be interested – SMP is having a Conference in Winona, MN at the press in early August.

    Robert (Bob) Shields

  2. I am an I-Pad user as a technology immigrant. It was so easy to learn and I am still exploring because it can do things I can’t imagine! One things that amazes me is how I have the flexibility to do many kinds of research and view graphics in one unit that I can hold. There was a young girl in my building waiting for her mother recently and she was so absorbed with her I-Pad. It got me thinking how it will be for children when they can watch video, create video, and the graphics in their religious education “texts” will be gorgeous. It might even encourage them to participate more fully when they are not in a class session.

  3. This is certainly an exciting time that we live in! Those very same questions go through my mind everyday. I have no doubt that there will soon be some very exciting new kinds of textbooks placed in the hands of young people across the country.

  4. woleary said:

    Caroline – you and Jared are right about the possibilities of religion e-books. May the Holy Spirit lead and guide us!

  5. Yes, We are in an exciting time as there is clearly a new world emerging all around us. Digital tools are part of this world and our students are very, very comfortable with these tools!

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