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Will G+ be a better option than FB? Who knows right now!

If you’ve noticed news about Google+, it is just around the corner from being launched!  What is Google+? A means for social networking with your friends and colleagues!  Is it different from Facebook?  Of course!  So, it is probably worth checking out.

Rich Jennings, ComputerWorld blogger, is able to send you invites to join the Plus Project Circle.  Check out his article ” Get a Google+ invite here: join Plus project circle.”

Brad West, a nearby blogger who lives in Palm Coast, FL, recently caught my eye with his published eBook titled “The Connected Church” which is available through Barnes and Noble (Nooks and Nook apps) as well as Amazon (Kindle and Kindle apps).  I’ve been following his blog since I read his book.  His July 15, 2011 post “What is Google+ And Can It Benefit Catholic Parishes”  offers ways a Catholic parish could use this tool.

To learn more about this NEW tool, check out these Google+ videos:

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Comments on: "Have You Heard of Google+ ?" (3)

  1. Been using it for about a week… and it has some great features – I can share specialized things about Church ministry and don’t have to clutter up the streams of people who would not be interested, and “sparks” let me see posts from anyone on a topic I am interested in, even people not in my circles. Many of the “Catholic Geeks” (early adopters) are there – and so are conversations about whether this will be useful for the Church. (You still have to be invited to get in.)

  2. Thanks Joyce, you are right in the middle of getting on board! In your estimation, how does G+ compare with FB?

  3. Thank you very much for mentioning the ebook I have available. I hope it helps anyone who reads it.

    Like many, I am also wondering if Google+ may be an alternative to Facebook for parishes or possibly another avenue for things like ministries to collaborate. I am personally a big fan of parishes having Facebook pages to provide another avenue for communication and sharing. So it will be interesting what the Google+ version of the “page” looks like for organizations. The ‘circles’ feature really caught my eye as it would add the ability to target messages easily to specific ministries or groups while also allowing those groups an online means to collaborate breaking down scheduling barriers.

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