Digital Discipleship: Transforming Ministry Through Technology

Sharing our Wisdom

To all our wonderful catechists and Diocesan Staff who are tech savvy!  During this wonderful Advent season, I invite you to share your tech wisdom with one another.

Technology Wisdom

I’m sure you remember how intimidating it can be to integrate new tech tools into your catechetical ministry.

I’m inviting anyone who is doing something with technology in their ministry to share their wisdom with our faith-based audience (we’re over 500 catechetical tech mentors right now).

I’d like to create a booklet for catechists and DRE’s who need help incorporating technology into their catechetical ministry.  It’s your thoughts and ideas that are important today!  You are the trail blazers – exploring and trying out these new tools with your students.

As many of you are aware, the power of technology can transform learning sessions and change participants lives.  Your stories are the ones I would like to tell – real tips from real catechists.

If you would like your comments to be included in an online FREE booklet, please send your information to me via the Blog Contact form .  Or, simply add your comment to this blog post.  I’ll bring your thoughts and suggestions together in ONE PDF booklet to share with all of our readers.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Comments on: "Sharing our Wisdom" (5)

  1. As the final course in my Masters of Lay Ministry program, I am writing the curriculum for a course in integrating technology into ministry… I have a ton of ideas but would be very interesting in hearing the thoughts of the assembled tech savvy folks here as to what should (and shouldn’t!!) be included.



    • Hi Jim – One thing that has been critical in our diocese when it comes to integrating technology in ministry is being very clear that technology is a tool that serves the mission of the Church, not vice versa. I’d suggest that your curriculm begins by reiterating the mission of the Church to give the context of using technology, as well as a practical way to determine which technology is appropriate in which situation (i.e. how does using this blog/website/forum/etc. help to fulfill the mission of the Church in this particular ministry). Good luck!

    • Hi Jim, I ditto what Shannon has articulated and I’m sure that you are aware of the long history of Vatican documents related to media, Internet, and currently the area of social media. What I’d like to call attention to what is missing is the area of educational technology that is about 35 years old in its foundation. I especially call attention to the standards that are articulated at ISTE.ORG – Begin to imagine what our understanding of technology would be if we had clear guidelines for pastors and parish leadership, administrative leaders like – DRE’s, and more; as well as the students and participants we are involved with in our parish programs!

  2. As DRE at a church in Wheeling IL I set up a catechist group and parents page, both in Facebook. Since there was no hope for anything happening with the parish’s dead-in-the-water website, I began my own website through Free hosting; you can pay to have your own domain name configured to the site (which I did. In fact I bought a domain name through them). The tools are all drag-and-drop. Hundreds of cool templates. I had a
    site up and running in two days. Editing and publishing through the web is a breeze. I even have a password-protected section for catechist resources. I could have multiple editors if I chose to.
    I had thought DNN was nice, but this is really great.

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