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Christmas Blessings!

The week between Christmas and New Year’s Day is one of my favorites!  Why? It is a time of celebrating the Birth of Christ, remembering the gifts, blessings, and sorrows of the past year, and of course we are each hoping for a better year than last year!  On New Year’s Eve, many of us make a number of New Year Resolutions. One of my resolves will be to continue “blogging” and “sharing” as the Digital World is very important today for evangelizing and sharing the faith!

As I stop to reflect on this past year and look forward to 2012, I want to thank each of you for visiting this blog and to thank my friends and the SSJ-TOSF’s for your support in this ever evolving digital ministry.   It has been an opportunity for me to share with you a view of what is on our doorsteps – digital learning!  When you return to this blog in 2012, I will continue to share with you insights, hopes, and dreams related to digital tools and learning.

Of course, my wishes are —
Like the star that led the Wise Men
Like the angels who announced the news,
May your holidays shine with joy
And fill your heart with Light
Wishing you a peaceful, blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Comments on: "A Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!" (12)

  1. Thank you, Caroline, for being a pioneer and innovator in this important new ministry. May you, too, have a Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year!

  2. carmen Cayon said:

    Merry Christmas to you to dear friend. You continue to inspire me, so glad you are a part of my life!

  3. Donna Mikula OSU said:

    Blessings of peace and joy be yours! I, too, congratulate you on breaking new ground in our age of cyberspace and electronic communications! I am proud of your achievements!

  4. Sister Caroline-Merry Christmas and Blessings for a New Year! We value your friendship! Love-the Alix Family

  5. Merry Christmas and Thank You!

  6. Sr. Caroline – Thank you! You are an amazing and lovely woman. I appreciate your leadership into Cyperspace! Wishing you a most joyous Christmas Season and many blessings in 2012! To infinity and beyond ~
    XOXXO, Pam

  7. Thank you, Caroline, for your leadership in digital discipleship. With my prayers for a very blessed Christtmas season

  8. Cuthbert Alexander said:

    Sr Caroline thanks for the support you give to our communications ministry here in Trinidad and Tobago. You are a great inspiration to us all. May you have a truly blessed Christmas and a joyful and safe 2012.

  9. Raymond Syms said:

    Merry Christmas to you too Sister. See you, God willing, in 2012.

  10. Thank you Caroline! May the Lord bless you in abundance in 2012

    With all my love


  11. Laura Coyle said:

    Thank you, Sr. Caroline.
    Have a blessed and happy New Year.

  12. Elizabeth Thoman, CHM said:

    May you see continued growth and success in 2012….your leadership inspires me! And keeps me up to date as well. Blessings

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