Digital Discipleship: Transforming Ministry Through Technology

Many of us in today’s church teaching environment, would love to engage our students in using the digital tools that they are comfortable with to learn their faith.  However, we are often challenged with bare-bone budgets to do the almost impossible.  And often “technology” is barely included in today’s tight budgets.

However, if it is true, that mobile tools are increasingly popular – see Importance of Using Mobile Tools article.  Then we need to explore the BYOD approach.  That is Bring Your Own Device to the learning environment.

Educators are dealing with this issue.  Read this handbook  to find out what educators are doing to implement a BYOD strategy on their campus.  To start the conversation, I’ve adapted the questions that are found on page 14:

  • Does BYOD fit my parish’s educational vision and goals?
  • How would it match up with our student population? What percentage are likely to have a device they can bring in?
  • What is the current state of our infrastructure? Do we have robust, secure WiFi that can serve the additional devises you will see with BYOD? Can you afford an upgrade?
  • Do you have policies in place that allow students to use devices at certain times of the day or in certain areas of the parish?
  • Do you have strong leadership to help sell the concept and guide its implementation?
  • How will you support your catechists or faculty as they adapt their pedagogy to best make use of a BYOD environment?
  • How can instruction be improved by adopting BYOD?

Once you have a vision, a strategy, and your infrastructure is in place.  You can read books and articles like . . .

Toys To Tools

100 Mobile Tools for Teachers

Teaching With the Tools Kids Really Use

Teaching Generation Text: Using Cell Phones

To learn more about how others are using these mobile tools in their teaching.  We can easily adapt the Best Practices to fit what we do in the Religion Classroom!

What issues do you feel  BYOD will create in your parish?

(c) 2012, Caroline Cerveny

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