Digital Discipleship: Transforming Ministry Through Technology


I’m back after a wonderful weekend of giving workshops during the 2012 LA Religious Education  Congress in Anaheim, California.  What I so enjoy at the conference is the energy and the gathering of Catholics who come to the conference (from all over the world) to be renewed and refreshed.  To enjoy some of the keynotes, presentations, and liturgies come and visit the LA Religious Education Congress YouTube channel.

To get a sense of the energy shared during this Congress, come and view the Opening Rite and Welcome!

As I reflect on the experience of presenting two workshops – CaTECHchesis with TECH Tools and Sharing Your Journey via Digital Storytelling – I so appreciate the hunger and curiosity of the 700+ participants who attended these two sessions.  I want to thank all who attended and to remind each of you that we can only eat an elephant one piece at a time!

If you felt overwhelmed with the information that was shared, you are not alone!  Many of us were not raised with the technology that our students have easy access to today!  My suggestion – eat the elephant one piece at a time!  Start with ONE tool that you like, try it. Weave it again into a lesson.  When you are feeling more comfortable, look back at your notes and try another tool.

Remember, it takes time and patience to learn a new language.  And today, there is a Digital Culture, with a language that is part of it, and of course new skills to learn!  Just like learning French, Spanish, or any other foreign language and culture – it takes time and a desire to learn the culture, language, and skills.

If you are curious and are wondering what was covered in these workshops, do not hesitate to visit the PowerPoints from the workshops:

CaTECHchesis with TECH Tools,  and

 Sharing Your Journey via Digital Storytelling

I would love to hear from you, what you are doing with technology in your catechetical ministry.  You could share now or come back to this post later to share your thoughts and ideas.

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©2012, Caroline Cerveny

Comments on: "How Do We Eat the Elephant?" (2)

  1. Thanks, Caroline. So true. Digital technology is easier to attack one step at a time.

  2. Thanks, Caroline. So true–one step at a time is better than swallowing everything at time, especially in digital technology!

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