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Advent Videos

How will you use videos during this Advent season?  I just checked the Digital Catechesis Video library and I discovered at least 10 Advent videos.  Here’s a sampling of three of the videos in the digital library:

Christ is Coming – This 5 minute advent meditation focuses on the coming of Christ into our world- not just as a child in a stable but as the bringer of justice and freedom.

Advent Conspiracy 2010 – This film uses popular Old Testament Scriptures juxtaposed with modern music and nativity silhouettes to help the audience to see Jesus in their hectic holiday lives.

Advent in Two Minutes – Check out Busted Halo’s two-minute video that describes why we celebrate Advent and wait to celebrate Christmas.

I love this wonderful digital age that we live in.  There are some wonderful resources that are FREE that we could use for our Advent Ministry.  How?  Here are three(3) suggestions:

  1. For the first week of Advent, and every week after that, add an Advent Video Link to your Facebook page/wall and add a reflective comment with a question.
  2. Engage in an Advent sharing with your friends. For example: If you “Tweet”, using 140 characters, tweet an Advent message related to the video and include the link.  Normally, Twitter will shorten the link.  If it does not, you can go to – to shorten your URL.  Here’s an example: Wondering why we celebrate Advent! (Link) Why do you do Advent?
  3. Using your iPad or iPhone with an LCD projector or TV connection, show one of the videos as a prayerful reflection before your class or adult meeting.  Remember to practice before your session to make sure that all is working.  Remember that you’ll need an audio connection.

For those who are not members of Digital Catechesis, you are invited to join (It’s FREE).  If you are a member, and you discover other Advent videos that you would recommend to us, please come and add them to our Digital Library.

If you like these suggestions, please click the “Like” button.  We’d also like to hear your suggestions for using Advent videos.  Do add your comments in the “comment” section of this blog.

Advent Blessings!

Copyright 2012 Caroline Cerveny, SSJ-TOSF


Comments on: "Advent Videos" (6)

  1. Franklin Fong said:

    Sr Caroline Many many thanks for breaking the digital walls for us who are so new at this internet world. I would like to get some advice from you about which way to do blogs. do you have some thing already written up about this topic? franklin

    • Dear Franklin, Thanks for the question. I did a series of 3 webinars for members of my community about blogging. I’ve discovered that there is more to blogging than one realizes. If you are interested in being mentored in this area let me know. I’m sure that something can be worked out.

  2. Many thanks, Caroline!  I’ll send them to others also to spread the good word.

    Sheila Patenaude, fmm

  3. Carolyn – terrific research to find these gems. How do you do it all?

    • Hi Liz! The beauty of the collaborative and participative world that we live in today. If you go to the video library located at Digital Catechesis, all you do is search for “Advent” and these wonderful contributions of the Digital Catechesis members show up in the search – all “vetted” by participating DREs, Diocesan Media Directors, and more!

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