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Christmas is in a few weeks!  For many of us it is family time where we gather to share this season with one another.  Of course, a camera is in hand and you capture your memories in digital photos.

You can use these photos to create an amazing slideshow.  There are four ways that this can be done:

  1. With Animoto.
  2.  You may want to use Microsoft Moviemaker, or
  3. You may create your own music video with PowerPoint! .
  4. If you are a Verizon customer, you now have access to.  Once you download and install Media Manager on your Windows PC (or the MAC version), you can import personal music, photos and videos and display them on FiOS TV through your FiOS TV DVR or HD Set-Top Box.

All you need are your photo’s, your favorite tool, and your own touch of creativity!  If you have slideshow to share, we’d love to hear about it.  Come back and add the link to the comment section.

Here is a sample of a video created with Animoto – Our Christmas Together.

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Copyright 2012 Caroline Cerveny, SSJ-TOSF

Comments on: "Christmas Memories with a Slideshow" (4)

  1. Many thanks, Caroline, and may you and Claudia and your families have a blessed Christmas and a new year of 2013 filled with grace, joy, peace, and good health!

    Sr.Sheila Patenaude, fmm

  2. said:

    I will definitely be doing this for our deployed son and his wife (also USAF but at the home base in Louisiana.) Neither will be able to be with us this year! Thanks for the idea. Keep them coming. Ann

  3. This would be a great way to capture a children’s program at church as well — just take (or gather digitally) a bunch of photos, then upload and email to parents, who can share with relatives. Evangelizing through cuteness!

    And, if you’re not sure about photo releases of all the kids, you could just fuzz out the faces a little… making it more fun for the kids to try and find themselves in the show!

  4. This would be a great way to capture a children’s program – or any church event – and then email out as a virtual Christmas card 🙂

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