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LENT Online Video Discussions


Recently I received a question from Marc Donlin, Chaplain-Mission Associate at St. Cloud Hospital.  I would like in our church to email out a link to a site where I can have a discussion starter using video with my kids, any suggestions?

Marc, what immediately comes to mind is using a blog page to include the video and any reflection or questions that you may have.

Here are 8 steps to keep in mind:

  1. Determine your audience : I’m going to plan a discussion for a group of 7th and 8th graders as a demo.
  2. Determine your Video Theme:  40 Days of Lent
  3. Choose an online video:  If you are a member of Digital Catechesis, go to the Digital Video Library to see if there is a video that fits your discussion theme.  Or, you can search YouTube, Vimeo and other video websites for a video that fits your theme.
  4. Go to your class blog: I’m assuming that you have a class blog that you are using with your students.  (If not – Go to Religion Classroom Blogging to learn more about a class blog)
  5. Draft a short reflection and a question for the blog page.
  6. Create your web page.  For example: LENT
  7. Email the link to your students with a short intro.  (See following suggestion)
  8. Pay attention to the webpage and engage in the conversation.  You will want to participate in the ongoing online conversation with comments, suggestions, or additional questions.

Imagine that these students are sitting right in your classroom and they are adding to the conversation.  Only this time, it is in an online format.  You would not sit in the classroom silently observing.  You would be listening and interjecting your comments and questions at appropriate times.

Email Suggestion

Dear (FName of Student),

Come to this link -(Add Link here)  – for a short video and reflection.  I’m looking forward to engaging in an online discussion with you.

(Your Name)

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