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Earth Day: May 22, 2013

A friend of mine recently sent me a link to a video “Magnificent” with a message “I found this video to help you celebrate Earth Day.”



Easter week I was with members of my religious community, the Sisters of St. Joseph, TOSF for our General Chapter sessions.  We affirmed at that time the statement:

As FRANCISCANS centered on the revelation of the emerging COSMIC Christ, contemplating and celebrating this DIVINE action I our lives.  Our deepest desires are to:

  • BUILD life-giving trusting communities that cherish each one’s personal gifts.
  • EMPOWER one another to live the truth of Gospel values.
  • BOND with others in ever-widening circles of compassion and peace.
  • SPEAK to the Church and to the world from our common understanding that there be no outcasts in our experience of life on this earth.

As I reflect on this statement getting ready to celebrate “Earth Day” I am reflecting on how our church reverences human life and the environment.  You will find excellent resources in the area of Environment on the USCCB website.  Why is the environment important!  It supports our very lives – the air we breathe, the food we eat, and more.  Without the right environment, it would be a challenge to live.

So, on this Earth Day – let us celebrate and give thanks for this wonderful earth.  Some simple ways to share this event with others:

  • Share the video “Magnificent” with others on your Facebook page or simply email the link to them with your message.
  • Find a Climate Change Quote and add it to your Facebook page.  You may wish to use Quozio for this task.
  • If you are teaching or for children in your family, you can find Printable Earth Day Worksheets to print off for your children and take time to talk with them about the importance of caring for the Earth.
  • Take a moment to say a Prayer to Care for Creation.  Personally, I love St. Francis’ Canticle of the Sun.

Of course, if you like this post, just click the “Like” button.  Or take a moment to share how you are celebrating Earth Day with your family, friends, or students.

© 2013 Cerveny.

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