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Collaborating for Faith!


Could we transform our teaching with Collaborative Projects?

While reading blogger Joshua Block’s post on Creating Successful Collaborations, his last paragraph …

Collaborations give our students access to experts and experiences that transform all of us, students and teachers alike. As teachers, it is our job to connect with those who do inspirational work in the world, and to design experiences that will enable our students to access and express new sides of themselves. Why not use the summer to find a new collaborator? It’s never too soon to connect with someone in the community who can inspire you and your students to create powerful work in the world during the next school year!

…caused me to wonder how a catechist might be a successful collaborator.  Here are a few of my thoughts

  1. As a catechist, what type of collaboration with experts in faith, social justice, reaching out to the poor or mission trip could you do to inspire your students?
  2. What digital tools could you use to connect?  SKYPE? Google Hangouts? Edmondo? Others?
  3. What guidelines do you need for a successful collaboration?  Do the five points that Joshua mentions in his article offer you a direction?

For those who may want to connect their students with students in other countries or the United States, here are two options to explore.

  1. ePals.  This is a free service that provides a SAFE environment for connecting you to others who want to collaborate. Join this website and begin to explore how you may connect with another group of students to collaborate on a faith-based project.
  2. Catholic Relief Services.  You will need to explore how you might develop an ONLINE collaborative project with CRS.  They are involved in many geographic locations.  Perhaps contact with their Baltimore, MD office staff could begin a conversation that would lead you to a wonderful collaborative project in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin American and the Caribbean, Middle East and North Africa, and the United States.

As you ponder the possibility of creating a collaborative project with your students, I invite you to share your reflections and possibilities as a response to this post. Let’s inspire one another in creating and developing a simple collaborative project that will inspire our students to transform their faith lives!

© Caroline Cerveny, SSJ-TOSF

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