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Thanks to a St. Francis Day greeting from a wonderful Franciscan friend, I was reminded that the feast of St. Francis of Assisi is just around the corner. Then I thought, I’d love to do a post about this wonderful feast/saint. Of course, the big question – about what?

I quickly browsed the Digital Catechesis Video Library, and discovered that there were several St. Francis videos in this wonderful video library. Just search for “Francis” you will locate them quickly. Yes, there are many more on YouTube, but I did not want to spend hours searching through videos on YouTube that I would have to watch carefully to make sure that they were good and interesting videos. Here I could find videos that had been used by other ministers who recommended them because they found them to be inspiring, in just a few minutes!

So, what can you DO with these videos? Here are four suggestions:

  1. Send an email with a video link to your parents highlighting this wonderful feast of St. Francis and encourage them to watch the video with their children and then share what they know about St. Francis with each other.
  2. If you are working with RCIA candidates, you may wish to create a blog page about the Saint and then invited your candidates to share their thoughts, reflections, or questions about the saint. When they come for their next RCIA session, you could continue the conversation about St. Francis with the group at the beginning of class – perhaps in a prayer moment.
  3. If you have a Twitter account, “tweet” a link to your followers with a question that they can easily respond to in 140 characters.
  4. On your Facebook page, add a link with the video to your page. Write a short reflection and ask a question so that your “friends” can share a comment or two about what St. Francis means to them.

Following are several videos that focus on St. Francis.

I would love to hear from you how you may be using social media to engage your students, families, youth, and young adults in celebrating the feast of this wonderful saint.  Being a Franciscan, this is one of my favorite feast days!

(C) 2013, Cerveny

Comments on: "Four Suggestions to Celebrate the Feastday of St. Francis of Assisi" (1)

  1. Sr. Caroline, thanks for the videos & ideas! I’m using them on our FB & Web pages, and giving a copy of the links ot all who come to our Pet Blessing tomorrow. Pax Christi!

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