Digital Discipleship: Transforming Ministry Through Technology

I’m always looking for wonderful examples of what others are doing to integrate technology into the teaching of Religion. I’d like to share “Understanding the Life of Jesus: an INCARNATION CATHOLIC School Big6 Research Project created by Rhonda Carrier.

Here is the project —

I encourage you to explore the project.  For those in Catholic Schools, you’ll see how Rhonda has applied the Common Core standards to this project.  More importantly, you begin to see how our students can be engaged with digital tools to expand and research faith topics.

Rhonda, thank you!  Excellent project!  For those who would like to meet Rhonda, I encourage you to attend the 5th Annual INTERACTIVE CONNECTIONS Conference in Orlando, Florida.  Here you will have the opportunity to learn from Rhonda how she is integrating technology into the religion classroom.

For those who are catechists at the parish level, these are the kinds of projects you would like to learn about, as you can easily apply what you learn here with your children.

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  1. Grade 7 students also used the Big 6 research model to research information about various popes. The assignment is at
    This was particularly fascinating for students due to the unexpected resignation of Pope Benedict XVI soon after they completed their reports. The research helped students understand the process in place to elect a new pope and it helped them to understand the significance of maintaining the position within the Church.

  2. If the Big 6 seems like too many steps, try the Super 3: Plan, Do, Review. View sample Super 3 lessons on this school library website:
    The Animal Facts books at the bottom of the page could be a model for a Faith Formation lesson. Students could research a topic, create quiz questions and draw pictures to support with visuals. Then reflect on and review the process.

    We used a similar method to have grade 5 students create a cross-curricular science/technology/Spanish project. They researched facts about animals, planned and wrote sentences about the animals, then translated them to Spanish before creating the final visuals uses Flickr photos. A sample student book can be viewed at Other samples are linked from this wikispaces page:

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