Digital Discipleship: Transforming Ministry Through Technology

Sponsors & iGive

INTERACTIVE CONNECTIONS, a faith-based educational technology ministry is supported by our sponsors and your donations.  If you are interested in being a sponsor or a donor, please use the “To Contact” page on this website.

For those who would like to contribute by participating in an online shopping program, I suggest the iGive program.®

What is

Established in 1997, is an Internet company whose goal is to enable the economic power of individuals to benefit their chosen communities. We hope that in the near future, all consumer transactions contain a percentage that benefits causes close to home.

Hundreds of thousands of iGive shoppers have raised over $5,000,000 for their favorite causes – all at no cost.


What Causes Can I Support? –

At, members list and support their favorite worthy causes, from national nonprofits to local, neighborhood efforts, like your child’s school organization or your local animal shelter. Whenever a supporter lists a new cause at, an e-mail is sent to the nonprofit group requesting them to verify the information the supporter provided. Checks are sent monthly to all verified causes with more than $25.00 earned.

Which Stores Help My Cause?

Our online mall features over 800 of the web’s best stores, including, Pottery Barn, Best Buy, Staples, eBay, PETCO, Expedia, and QVC. From gifts to groceries, special occasions to everyday necessities, every purchase can help your cause.

How Much Money Goes to My Cause?

Up to 26% of each and every purchase benefits your cause, and donation rates vary by store. Donation rates are clearly listed within the iGive Mall. When you shop, every penny of the advertised donation goes directly to your cause. No administrative costs, fees, no mark-ups. We promise, you’ll never pay more to shop through iGive.

How Can You Do All This for Free?

Online retailers pay a sales commission, which is totally separate from the donation rates listed on our website. Paid advertising on our website and e-mails also allow us to expand our free services for you and your cause.

Your Online Purchases Can Help Interactive Connections! Go to –

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