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E-books: Are They Around the Corner?

I just want to share this video with you about E-books!

I love my Kindle!  It’s great to take a number of books with me on the road – one light weight piece of equipment with 20 or more books on it. Even better, when I research a specific term or topic in a book I am able to find all references in 10 seconds or less. It sure beats thumbing through pages to find what I’m looking for.

As I watched this TED video, I wondered, wow what would a Religion Textbook look like?  Would it be as exciting or as interesting as this prototype? What’s your take on the E-book?  Are you ready for it?  Are our students ready for it?  What will a Religion E-book look like?  What do you imagine?

Would love to hear from you! Come and share your thoughts!

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