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2013 Catechist Faith Formation Day

I am in Marietta, Georgia this weekend, where I am presenting two workshops for the Archdiocesan Diocese of Atlanta North and Northwest Metro Deaneries.  They are hosting a catechist faith formation day around the theme – Open the Door of Faith.

Thank you to the coordinating team who have created a wonderful program for catechists who are attending this event!  Your 2013 program is outstanding!

Thank you to those who attended the workshops that I gave.  Below are the PowerPoints that you can go back to if you wish. I invite you to explore further ACyberPilgrm and Catechesis 2.0 to gather thoughts and ideas for using technology tools with your students.

Blessings to all who attended this wonderful event!  May your year be filled with the graces you need as you share your faith with your students.


IC 2012 Learning Sessions

IC 2012 is a wonderful opportunity to network and meet with those who are leading the way of bringing faith-based educational technology (which is integrating social media and more) into your catechetical sessions.

For those who would like a glimpse of the workshop learning sessions come and visit:

Zingers! 7 Free Resources to Catch Your Students Attention  with Co-presenters Anita Brady and Laura Salaka.

Digital Storytelling and Marketing Techniques by Rhonda Carrier.

Tim Welch’s workshop Technology in Catechesis: What’s Going On? included a number of web tools to harvest videos from the Internet, resources to create your own content, and video samples to stir your learners’ digital storytelling imaginations. Additionally, his email address is listed for continued collaboration. You can find them, and more, by visiting Surf to Notes for Workshops. You will find the links Tim used in his presentation on his Social Bookmark website.

Come visit the workshop presentations by Joe Luedtke, Mobile Technologies in Your Ministry and Church and What Makes a Great Church Website.  You may also want to visit his blog article about Mobile Technologies.

 21st Century Catechists: Sharing the Faith in a Digital World with Caroline Cerveny, SSJ-TOSF 

Putting the Tech into CaTECHesis with Andrea Slaven and Cheryl Smith.  This blog was used more like a powerpoint.  It is not completely scripted.  We showed a quick example of how to create each of the items during the session and showed examples of how each can be incorporated in lessons. “How to videos” will be included eventually.

Activate your staff and ministry leaders to become enthusiastic about contributing to the parish website throughout the year for the sake of evangelization outreach as well as building up parishioner involvement in parish activities and volunteerism.  Come and visit – Parish Websites: Tools of Evangelization by Terry Modica.

Thank you to all presenters for your excellent presentations! 

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