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Quizlet – a study service for your students!

Would you love to have a FREE study service for your students?  I would!  You can provide your students with a way to learn their basic facts with Quizlet.  Come and explore!


The best way is to start with a Quizlet tutorial

It is a tool that you can use in a variety of ways:

  • Teachers and catechists can develop a quiz for their students
  • Students can develop a quiz for an assignment that is then shared with the class.  Each week I would invite two or three students to create a quiz that is then shared with other class members.  Invite them to  work in teams.
  • You can use Quizlet websites created by others.

As I searched for Religion options on the Quizlet website, this is what I discovered:

Quizlet for Scripture Final

Quizlet - Apostles

Quizlet for Church

It is easy to SHARE your quizlet!  All you need to do is use the “share” section of the Quizlet website.

Quizlet Share

If your students are using any of the social media tools, you can forward directly to your class Facebook group page or share via Twitter.  Or embed on the class blog or email to your students.  Choose what is best for your class.

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