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Would You Like to Use Pinterest in Catechetics?

Pinterest-MarlowWhen I first heard about Pinterest, I was not sure how it could be used in Catechetics.  Then I met Cyndi Rusk Marlow, Coordinator of Formation, at St. Gabriel the Archangel Parish in Bardstown, Kentucky.  I’m so glad that Cyndi volunteered to do a “Show ‘N Tell” webinar for INTERACTIVE CONNECTIONS. Here is her Pinterest website.

For those who were able to attend the webinar, thank you for joining us.  If you were unable to join us, here you will find her PowerPoint presentation –

If you are interested in listening to the Webinar Presentation, click on “Show N Tell” link webinar recording –

Show N Tell Using Pinterest for Minstry from Interactive Connections on Vimeo.

If you would like to learn more about Pinterest, come and visit:

As I learn more about Pinterest, I see that it is a way to curate websites that you would like to share with others.  I use DELICIOUS , a social bookmarking website, to collect the links I want to refer back to or share with others. However, if you compare the two options, you will note that Pinterest is very visual and Delicious is plain and simple.

So, Pinterest is another way to bookmark your links to share with others.  Which one would I recommend?  Both!  Why?  If you know your audience is inspired by visual content, then use Pinterest!  If you know your audience is primarily looking for information that is in ONE place and it makes little or no difference if it has a visual appeal, then use a tool like DELICIOUS.

In general, what is important, is that you choose a tool that your audience likes, prefers, and will use.

If you are using Pinterest, I would like to hear from you how you are using Pinterest.  Come and share your stories here.

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Engage Parents Through a Blog Site

One of my favorite training websites is hosted by SimpleK12Team!  Just recently they highlighted how a blog could be used to engage parents.

Does this sound familiar?  “Are you tired of the ‘bottomless backpack’ and the mysterious, vanishing handouts? You hand students papers to give to their parents, and they’re never seen again.”

Their suggestion – set up a class blog!

Find out how to engage parents through a blog here:

Of course, there are many ways you can use a blog in your religion classroom.  For example, parents love to see their child’s work that they do in your class.  With a blog, you have a great medium to display and show off students work for all their parents to see.  If you’re projects are created using traditional methods (e.g., paper and crayons), here’s where you can involve the youth group to help scan and prepare the class work so that it can be in a digital format.

Most children in the home environment, use a computer or a tablet (iPad, etc).  There are apps like Animoto (free), Drawing Pad, Screen Chomp and others that students can use to create a project.  When they have completed their task, they can email the link (or embed code) to you.  You can then add this information to the class special project page.  This assignment can be described on your blog and parents can direct their child to work on this project.

Would love to hear from you how YOU are using a blog to communicate with your parents!  I invite you to share your story here!

I have two examples to share with you.  One represents a music teacher –  The other represents another elementary educator in a regular classroom –  As you review these examples, note how each teacher provides brief and helpful information to their parents.

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